TEILOR reopens its flagship store in AFI Cotroceni following the redesign

TEILOR reopens its flagship store in AFI Cotroceni following the redesign

TEILOR, the chain of luxury jewelry stores with presence across the CEE region, reopens the store located in the AFI Cotroceni shopping center, following the complete redesign under the TEILOR Orange Concept. The new store offers an upgraded contemporary luxury experience to the clients. The first Orange Concept Store was opened in Baneasa Shopping City in November 2020; the AFI Cotroceni store being the 13th store that TEILOR reopens under the redesigned concept.

Redesigning our stores is a gesture of appreciation and respect towards our customers, aiming to improve their shopping experience. Over the past decade, the life span of a shop design in retail has been very much influenced by fast-changing retail demographic trends. Therefore, quick adaptability and relevance in brand design are driven by consumers’ needs and expectations. The TEILOR Orange Concept elevates our image towards a more luxury-contemporary look and feel, having a bright-toned color scheme meant to promote calm and serenity, while orange as a color accent is meant to evoke a sense of excitement and passion. For the next two years, we will focus on facelifting all our locations with new shop designs that appeal to young, affluent consumers. TEILOR’s vision for 2023 is to continue the quest towards becoming a contemporary global luxury brand, bringing constant coordinated innovation in shop design, visual merchandising design, and product design, all these three pillars being complementary and coherent with our brand vision,” stated Roxana Achim, Head of Design & Project Management of TEILOR.

The reopened location is one of the two TEILOR stores in AFI Cotroceni, the other being TEILOR Exclusive, which offers a selection of exclusive products for an enriched shopping experience for the customers. The newly reopened TEILOR store has an area of approximately 80 sqm, within the average size of the network’s stores, which has been on an upward trend in recent years.

TEILOR operates a network of 65 luxury jewelry stores, of which 14 are located abroad in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. Besides the brick-and-mortar stores, TEILOR has five e-Commerce platforms – teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.hu, teilor.bg and teilor.pl.

As part of the expansion strategy, until 2024, TEILOR will focus on consolidating its presence in existing markets. Then, starting 2025, the company will explore expansion into Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and other markets, aiming to open between four and six new stores per year in premium locations.



TEILOR is an international chain of luxury jeweler stores with 24 years of tradition. Present in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, TEILOR has 65 brick-and-mortar stores and a robust online presence through its eCommerce platforms teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.pl, teilor.hu and teilor.bg. TEILOR’s collections include gold jewelry as well as unique jewelry inlaid with diamonds and precious stores tailored to customers’ desires.

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