TEILOR opens in Wroclaw its sixth store in Poland

TEILOR opens in Wroclaw its sixth store in Poland

TEILOR, the chain of luxury jewelry stores with presence across the CEE region, opened the sixth store of the network in Poland, after the three stores in Warsaw and two in Poznan. The new opening marks the chain’s regional expansion in the country and is the first TEILOR store inaugurated in the city of Wroclaw.

The opening of the store in Wroclaw is part of our international expansion strategy, and we are marking the thirteenth TEILOR store inaugurated outside Romania. Our development strategy will continue in Poland, where we plan to expand to the main cities in the country. This expansion will be combined with the strengthening of TEILOR’s brand awareness. We have found an extremely competitive market in Poland, with well-known local players, but there is a niche for diamond and luxury jewelry, which has great potential that we want to tap. The competition that exists in every market where we operate is an opportunity for us because we are confident that the mix of product quality and diversity, store architecture, and customer experience has an audience that will respond well to these standards in every country,” stated Willy Dicu, CEO of TEILOR.

The new TEILOR store is located in the Wroclavia Shopping Center in Wroclaw, has an area of approximately 87 sqm, and is managed by four employees. TEILOR collections in this store include a bracelet worth over 20,000 euros, a fancy diamond ring worth more than 16,000 euros, and a butterfly ring with diamonds and precious stones worth over 11,000 euros.

In 2022, TEILOR opened eight stores, three in Romania – in Bucharest, Iasi, and Piatra Neamt – three in Poland, one in the Czech Republic, and one in Hungary. By the end of this year, the company aims to open one more store, expanding the TEILOR network to 65 stores, including 51 locations in Romania and 14 international stores in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. In addition to the brick-and-mortar stores, TEILOR currently operates five online platforms – teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.hu, teilor.bg and teilor.pl.

Considering the external economic, political, and social context, as well as the market specifics and brand positioning needs, TEILOR will focus between 2022 and 2024 on consolidating its presence in the existing markets through its store network in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. Starting from 2025, TEILOR will explore expanding into Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and other markets, aiming to open between four and six new stores per year in premium locations.



TEILOR is an international chain of luxury jeweler stores with 24 years of tradition. Present in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, TEILOR has 64 brick-and-mortar stores and a robust online presence through its eCommerce platforms teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.pl, teilor.hu and teilor.bg. TEILOR’s collections include gold jewelry as well as unique jewelry inlaid with diamonds and precious stores tailored to customers’ desires.

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