TEILOR invests 2 million euros in the omnichannel shopping experience, implements a “buy now, pay later solution online”

TEILOR invests 2 million euros in the omnichannel shopping experience, implements a “buy now, pay later solution online”

TEILOR, the chain of luxury jeweler stores across the CEE region, implemented an omnichannel experience following total investments of over two million euros. The investments in digital transformation included the launch of a new eCommerce platform, teilor.ro, and the implementation of a unique ecosystem for clients shopping online and in-store. Moreover, TEILOR launches, as the first jeweler on the Romanian market, the buy now, pay later option online that allows clients to purchase products in instalments, without interest, directly from the website.

We are excited to bring to our customers the shopping experience of the future, where the lines between the in-store and online blur, and the client can truly enjoy an omnichannel experience. The customer journey becomes dynamic, and the physical store is becoming one of the many touchpoints in the purchasing journey. The roll-out of the new eCommerce platform marks the conclusion of one of the most significant projects in TEILOR’s history and marks beginning of a new stage in customer experience. We are proud to bring to our clients the same website platform used by Tesla, which reinvented the car buying experience globally. Our goal for the new platform was to match the customer journey online with the premium experience we offer in our brick-and-mortar stores,” said Willy Dicu, CEO of TEILOR.

The new website is based on the eCommerce platform developed by Elastic Path, which was implemented by leading global brands such as Tesla or Deckers Brands, offering world-class omnichannel experience and functionalities. The new advanced search engine provides instant search results as the client types product characteristics in the search box, as well as offers enhanced product information for advanced and transparent filters. Moreover, the website introduces “My Account” functionality, offering clients multiple advantages, such as access to purchasing history from both offline and online and in the future, will include also order tracking and repair services status.

The new website was already launched in Romania and Hungary and will be further rolled out in Poland, Bulgaria and on the international platform, www.teilor.com, by the end of September 2022. The following steps in the digital transformation journey of TEILOR include investments in the enhancements to the mobile app and, potentially, the implementation of cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence for product display.

With the launch of the new eCommerce platform, TEILOR has also introduced the buy now, pay later solution online, which allows clients to purchase products in interest-free instalments. The online solution is provided by French fintech, ONEY, offering a fast and fully digitalized purchasing process using any debit card in instalments. The buy now, pay later is a new retail trend in North America and Western Europe, and TEILOR is the first Romanian jeweler to adopt this solution. Currently, the solution is available for online purchases. It allows clients to buy jewelry valued at up to 12,000 lei in three or four equal instalments, paid over two or three months, respectively. TEILOR plans to also introduce the buy now, pay later solution in its brick-and-mortar stores across Romania in the near future.

TEILOR operates a network of 62 luxury jeweler stores, of which 11 are located abroad in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. The network will reach 64 stores before the yearend. Besides the brick-and-mortar stores, TEILOR has five e-commerce platforms – teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.hu, teilor.bg and teilor.pl. As part of the expansion strategy, until 2024, TEILOR will focus on consolidating its presence in existing markets and in Romania. Starting with 2025, it will explore expansion into Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and other markets, aiming to open between four and six new stores per year in premium locations.



TEILOR is an international chain of luxury jeweler stores with 24 years of tradition. Present in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, TEILOR has 62 brick-and-mortar stores and a robust online presence through its e-commerce platforms teilor.com, teilor.ro, teilor.pl, teilor.hu and teilor.bg. TEILOR’s collections include gold jeweler as well as unique jeweler inlaid with diamonds and precious stores tailored to customers’ desires.

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