Romanian company DocProcess continues international expansion as it inaugurates new commercial office in Paris

Romanian company DocProcess continues international expansion as it inaugurates new commercial office in Paris

Romanian company DocProcess continues international expansion as it inaugurates new commercial office in Paris

Bucharest, 29 April 2020 – DocProcess, a Romanian entrepreneurial company developing digital solutions that help automate business processes, opens a commercial office in Paris, France. The inauguration of the new office marks a significant milestone for DocProcess and its broader expansion in European markets. The company, which already has a research and development centre in Grenoble, plans to reach 25 employees in France and 1 million euro in booked revenues from French clients by the end of this year.

Founded in 2005, DocProcess has over 3,500 clients, including a rich portfolio of international clients, having worked with French retailers present on the Romanian market such as Carrefour and Cora, as well as companies based all around Europe. Thanks to favourable legislative changes in France that will speed up the digital transformation of companies, DocProcess expects an accelerated growth on the French market in 2020 and beyond. 

“France has always been a strategic market for DocProcess, and we believe its significance will grow in the years to come. With the passage of the 2020 Finance Law (Lois de Finances 2020), the French government will require by January 2025 the latest for all the B2B invoices to be issued in electronic format, thus supporting the widespread digitalization of businesses. We want to take this opportunity to be at the forefront of the digitalization process in France, similar to the role we have on the Romanian market,” said Liviu Apolozan, Founder and VP of Strategy at DocProcess.

Paris is the second office opened by the company in France. In May 2018, DocProcess opened an R&D centre in Grenoble, which today employs 12 engineers. By the end of 2020, DocProcess expects to reach 75 employees, including 25 based in France.   

Christophe Lacaze, the newly appointed CEO of DocProcess France and VP of International Sales, will lead the Paris office. With a university degree in Science and Business, Christophe Lacaze brings 30 years of experience in the technology sector, having worked in management positions at several international companies. He started his career at BEA Systems when the company was still a start-up, and, after 10 years, joined Oracle as Sales Director. In 2010, Christophe was named Country Sales Director at SAS to revitalise the company’s activities in France. In 2017, he took over as General Manager of ITESOFT to assist with the transition to a SaaS model, a position which he occupied until he joined DocProcess. 

“France is a country where you must both have your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds to be successful,” said Christophe Lacaze, CEO of DocProcess France. “What excited me the most about joining DocProcess is that it is the only company that successfully marries both bold vision and meticulous execution in its approach to business ecosystem automation. Thanks to its pragmatism and robust solutions, allied with an attitude that prizes ambition and innovation, DocProcess is uniquely positioned not only to tackle companies’ most pressing needs but also to anticipate future evolutions”.

The opening of the Paris commercial office has been in the works since the second half of 2019; the recruitment process for the CEO itself starting in September 2019. Despite ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19, the French team is operational and has already started working with local businesses. In the coming months, the sales efforts in France will focus on the retail, manufacturing and logistics industries, as these sectors have shown the most interest in digitalization. Benefitting from the strategic location of the Paris office, DocProcess’s management team also plans on exploring other markets in neighbouring French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

DocProcess helps companies by providing solutions for the digitalization of business ecosystems that automate procurement, sales, logistics, financial and accounting processes. With its DocXchange platform and an integrated suite of products, which includes DxOrder, DxInvoice, DxLogistics, DxArchive and DxContract, DocProcess reduces errors, facilitates remote work as well as improves employees’ productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks from their to-do list.

About DocProcess

DocProcess is a Romanian entrepreneurial company established in 2005 by Liviu Apolozan. DocProcess develops digital cloud-based solutions that streamline and automate procurement, sales, logistics, financial and accounting processes within business ecosystems of partners. Currently, DocProcess offers three core products to help companies eliminate paper and repetitive manual work: DocXchange (Purchase-2-Pay and Order-2-Cash automation platform), DxArchive (electronic archiving), and DxContract (electronic contract management). 

DocProcess has over 3,500 large clients, including prominent local and international players such as Carrefour, Cora, Mondelez, Covalact and Albalact. The solutions developed by DocProcess are used by global companies in sectors ranging from retail and e-commerce to production, transport and logistics, Business Process Outsourcing, utilities, IT, pharma, insurance and banking. In 2019, DocProcess received its first round of financing from the Romanian private equity fund Morphosis Capital. The company has offices both in Romania (in Bucharest and Brasov) and in France (in Paris and Grenoble).  

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