Oriol Casellas Deig appointed CEO of Meta Estate Trust

Oriol Casellas Deig appointed CEO of Meta Estate Trust

Bucharest, 25 June 2021 – Meta Estate Trust SA, a new company on the Romanian real estate market, announces the appointment of Oriol Casellas Deig as the company’s executive director (CEO). With over 20 years of experience in real estate in Spain, Poland and Romania, Oriol Casellas Deig will be responsible for the development of Meta Estate Trust and will coordinate the project execution team. In this process, he will collaborate directly with the company’s Board of Directors.

“We want to become an important player on the real estate and capital market in Romania. To achieve this goal, since the establishment of the company we have set out to hire people with important expertise in the field of real estate to support us in the growth and development of our project. We are confident that Oriol’s significant experience in this field, as well as his qualities demonstrated as a coordinator in such projects, will support us in this endeavor. Together with the members of the Board of Directors of Meta Estate Trust we are pleased to welcome Oriol and together we want to bring the best returns to our shareholders and partners,” stated Eugen Voicu, co-founder of Meta Estate Trust.

Prior to joining Meta Estate Trust, Oriol Casellas Deig worked for companies in Spain, Poland and Romania active in the real estate market, where he held various roles of leading and coordinating real estate projects implemented by them. Oriol Casellas Deig has been actively involved in the development of the real estate market in Romania for over 15 years where he coordinated real estate projects in the residential field, office buildings or malls, whose investments exceeded the value of 350 million euros. Before joining Meta Estate Trust, Oriol Casellas Deig held the position of Development Manager at Veranda Shop & Stay.

“I am excited to join Meta Estate Trust and to have the opportunity, but also the challenge to build and lead a new team within a real estate project with a unique business model in Romania but with a tradition in Western markets. I have the support of the Board of Directors consisting of people with thorough experience in areas such as sales, interior design or capital raise and I am convinced that together we will become a reliable player for the real estate sector in Romania. I think the potential is huge for Meta given, in particular, the opportunities to grow through the capital market. This is why we want to be a role model company on AeRO Market, with well-structured corporate governance from the very beginning,” stated Oriol Casellas Deig, the new CEO of Meta Estate Trust.

Meta Estate Trust is a holding company that aims to build on of the best opportunities in the local real estate sector, focusing on the large urban residential segment, represented in a first stage by Bucharest, Constanța, Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Timișoara. In May 2021, Meta Estate Trust finalized the first round of financing, after raising 19 million lei from 30 investors. On June 14, 2021, the company approved the increase of the share capital with 20 million lei, an amount proposed to be raised from the investors on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, through a private placement organized at the beginning of July.


About Meta Estate Trust

Meta Estate Trust SA is a holding company launched on the local real estate market by a group of entrepreneurs with expertise on the real estate and capital markets. The business model is based on a REIT investment structure, with investment pillars in real estate projects, with a focus on the large urban residential segment.

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