OMV Petrom shareholders will be able to vote electronically through the eVOTE platform before the general meeting of shareholders

OMV Petrom shareholders will be able to vote electronically through the eVOTE platform before the general meeting of shareholders

eVOTE, the Romanian entrepreneurial company that developed the first online and physical participation system at the general shareholders’ meetings in Romania, announces the implementation of the eVOTE system for the electronic registration of votes received before the OMV Petrom general meeting of shareholders, the largest company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Since the creation of eVOTE with my partners, the main objective has been to support Romanian shareholders and not only to be involved in the life of the companies in which they invest by implementing a simple and efficient electronic voting solution. We wanted any shareholder to be able to vote before a General Meeting of Shareholders from anywhere, as long as it is connected to the internet. As of 2022, with the start of the collaboration between eVOTE and the Bucharest Stock Exchange through the Central Depository, which facilitates participation and voting at the general meetings of shareholders, the capital market in Romania took a significant step in digitalizing the solutions offered to shareholders of listed companies. The solution we are developing leads to increased transparency and good corporate governance of public companies, allowing shareholders to get involved in the companies’ decision-making process. Thus, we are glad that OMV Petrom, the largest company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which is recognized as a benchmark in terms of investor relations, has decided to implement the eVOTE solution for casting votes before the meeting of shareholders and thus provide simplicity and accessibility in the voting process at the General Meetings of Shareholders”, stated Mihai Chisu, co-founder and CEO of eVOTE. 

Currently, the eVOTE solution is used by 27 listed companies – 2Performant, Agroland Agribusiness, Agroland Business System, Arctic Stream, AROBS, Bento, Bittnet, Bucur Obor, Bursa de Valori Bucharest, Chromosome Dynamics, Connections Consult, Dr. Fischer Dental, Fondul Proprietatea, MAM Bricolaj, Meta Estate Trust, Norofert, OMV Petrom, One United Properties, Purcari Wineries, Roca Industry, Safetech Innovations, Simtel, Softbinator Technologies, Sphera Franchise Group, Teraplast, and Transport Trade Services.

Through eVOTE, companies increase their operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve communication with shareholders, who no longer need to cast their vote on paper or, in the case of those who vote by mail, waste time making a trip to the post office.

eVOTE is an application developed by three Romanian entrepreneurs, specialists in the capital market and the IT field – Mihai Chisu, Bogdan Iliescu, and Ionut Albu. Through eVOTE, the company’s shareholders can participate and vote online and in person at the General Meetings the companies organized. The application is constantly being developed, transformed, and improved to be as easy to use as possible by any shareholder. Currently, the eVOTE team is working to improve the mobile version of the application, taking into account the potential listing of Hidroelectrica. This event could generate a much larger number of eVOTE users.


About eVOTE

eVote is an application developed by Governance Partners, a company founded in 2018 through the association of specialists in capital markets and IT. The application is the first in a series of IT programs that aim to technologically modernize the way investors interact with the main institutions of the capital market for simpler and faster coordination.

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