Cornerstone Communications inaugurates its operations in Romania on January 30th, 2018

Cornerstone Communications inaugurates its operations in Romania on January 30th, 2018
  • Romania makes the stage for the premiere of Cornerstone Communications, the first pan-regional IR agency, value enhancer and internationalizer
  • First company in Romania specialized in investor relations, corporate governance, operating to enhance investment cases


January 30th, 2018 marks the official inauguration of the operations of Cornerstone Communications, the first investor relations firm in Romania dedicated to providing services in the area of investor relations (IR), shareholder engagement, capital markets PR and arranging capital market partnerships between companies and investors.

Cornerstone Communications will provide and equip Romanian listed and to-be-listed companies with world-class investors relations services. Through its activity, the company founders want to contribute to improving corporate governance, general communication, as well as both market and transactional valuations in Romania.

“There is a growing understanding among the users of the capital market about the importance of quality communication, transparency, compliance and corporate governance. As these values and needs are increasingly impactful on the valuations of businesses, they need to be addressed accordingly. We look forward to continuing our work in elevating the Romanian capital market and introducing the highest standards and best practices, for the benefit of all market participants” said Zuzanna Kurek, Partner at Cornerstone Communications.

Cornerstone Communications will provide services to Romanian enterprises and entrepreneurs through one of its six divisions: Cornerstone Stakeholder Communications, Cornerstone IPO & Transactional Communications, Cornerstone Research, Cornerstone Financial PR, Cornerstone Business Development and Cornerstone Digital. The majority of services and products rendered by the firm, such as Investor Perception Studies or Investor Relations Health Checks, will be offered in Romania in premiere.

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