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If they operate on their full potential, Investor Relations Officers (IROs) and their activity can have a positive impact on the growth and development of their respective companies. But this is hard to accomplish if the IRO hat is worn by other professionals – the CFO, accountant, or the PR Manager.

While the needs of each individual company differ, it is important to understand that well-executed investor relations strategy can have a significant impact on your company’s valuation. IR is much more than an extension of PR or marketing services since on one hand, it helps to create awareness and understanding about your company’s story amongst the investment community, but on the other it facilitates the access to fresh capital, improvement of liquidity and as a result thereof, fair valuation. This is why it is key for any issuer to consider investor relations as a standalone activity that is of fundamental importance to the company’s management, board as well as the shareholders.

At Cornerstone, we set up conditions for the improvement of company’s valuation, in the interests of all the stakeholders. Our services target listed companies of all sizes, at different stages of advancement and we tailor our offer based on individual needs.

If you don’t have an IRO…

To companies that do not see a business case in hiring a dedicated IRO, we offer to take over the day-to-day IR management – meeting and approaching institutional investors, reporting and communication obligations resulting from being a publicly quoted company (Periodical Reporting, Current Reports), organizing quarterly analysts calls as well as responding to any IR requests. All our work is carried out according to an IR strategy, tailored specifically to the needs of your company.


If you have an IRO…

To companies that have dedicated IR professionals within their organization but would like to improve the quality of their IR through means unavailable internally, we offer one-off or regular advisory services such as website, reporting or Corporate Governance audits and benchmarking, provided together with easy-to-implement recommendations. We organize investor and media relations trainings as well as customized Investor Days during which your stakeholders, potential investors and the press can get to know your business better.

If you have a full IR team…

To companies with well-established IR strategy, we offer local / international, retail / institutional investor perception studies, improvement of visibility towards international investors, development of modern access tools such as IR Apps, responsive websites, investor chats as well as recommendations on adhering to the current IR trends (ESG Reporting, non-financial reporting, etc.). We also carry out Investor Relations health checks and provide benchmarking against the local as well as top foreign industry players.


We also have prepared unique packages that can step-by-step improve your IR communications as well as bring structure to the IR activity within your company. Depending the stage your company is at, we will recommend which package is best suited for you.

Full IR Compliance

Ensuring your full compliance with all applicable rules as well as international best practices, in both English and the company’s local language.

Local IR Leader

Improving your visibility towards local institutional investors, retail investors as well as media.

All-Star IR

Establishing new communications channels, improving international visibility and adhering to the highest corporate governance and ESG standards.

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