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We are a valuable partner to our Clients since Cornerstone team is not driven by a strictly local bias, as our views on potential investments derive from competences, knowledge and individual experiences that go across the entire region.

Our proprietary research is carried out for the benefit of all the market participants – issuers, institutional investors, media as well as financial institutions. At this moment, we offer 3 types of specific, conducted in-house, research papers, some of them will be developed by our team on a periodical basis while the others will be developed on-request.

As the competition for capital is intensifying, we are the only company in Poland and Romania with expertise as well as connections, able to provide a novelty in the market – issuer-specific Investor Perception Studies, providing feedback on how ‘investable’ companies are and what are its strong as well as weak points, directly from the source. For the buy-side, we provide objectively presented open-source intelligence reports, providing valuable and precious insight into local issuers.

Market Perception Study

Study on perception of local and foreign institutional investors on the selected markets and its participants, of key importance to both the buy side interested in the market as well as the issuers and local market participants themselves.

Issuer Investor Perception Study

On-request, perception studies dedicated to individual issuers. Through this report, issuers have an opportunity to finding out what shareholders, institutional investors as well as analysts really think about investment in respective company. The report provides also information about any underlying issues that the investment decision-makers might have with your company. We offer both institutional investor (local/international) as well as retail investor-focused perception studies.

OSINT on Romanian Issuers 

On-request, open-source intelligence reports dedicated to one or more issuers from the local market, providing an objectively collected and provided information, for the benefit of local and international investors.

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