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We have significant experience working with companies that want to list on Bucharest and Warsaw Stock Exchanges markets as well as the buy-side and what they are looking for in companies during the IPO or private placement. Like no other firm on the Romanian market, we understand the complexity of capital markets, the nuances of issuing debt or equity instruments as well as how vulnerable the listing stage is for companies. This is why our services go beyond providing you simple media exposure or PR advisory.

Taking into consideration the positive impact of good investor relations and corporate governance compliance on companies’ valuation, promotion of quality management, transparency, compliance and best standards has to begin already at the pre-IPO stage. For all these values and needs, a top quality corporate communication can not only reflect what exists, but can also trigger processes of changes, in order to improve the status quo and to generate a further, positive impact on market value of companies.

Becoming a listed company does not compare to any other corporate event. While it requires significant preparation prior to listing, once you successfully close the listing process, your company has to adhere to new standards.

For companies undergoing a listing process, we offer integrated services, organized in 3 steps:

From intention to listing to first public announcement

If you are contemplating or already decided  to list, we support you in setting up the narrative for your equity story, prepare a deliverable timeline for listing as well as identify all necessary steps you need to undertake in order to make sure your company can be listed before you make any public announcement. We begin the media roadshow already at this stage, in order to already start educating the market about your company as well as your story.

Dialogue with the market until the last day of your offering

We help you spread your equity story in the most resonating manner, through a consistent media strategy. We ensure visibility and we participate in preparation of all the key documentation, while we also handle all kinds of crisis situations that might occur in this very vulnerable stage of your transaction.

Adjusting to the life of a listed company

We prepare for you all necessary set-up so that you are fully compliant since Day 1. Apart from tailored trainings for your top management on post-listing obligations, we also support you in creating exposure towards local and international investors, for the benefit of creating much-needed post-listing liquidity.

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