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We deliver a wide range of technological products, for innovative companies. We develop online reports, investor relations websites as well as investor relations app, which we develop in-house from both technological as well as content side.

It is a standard practice that institutional as well as individual investors visit the issuer’s website before taking any investment decision. Dedicated investor relations website provides information beyond the general content and provides relevant and accurate context for investors and analysts, allowing them to understand the company better. 

The manner of presenting annual reports have evolved over the past years and have stepped out of the simple printed pages. Interactive annual reports available online, also in tablet and mobile-friendly versions, engage all the stakeholders. If well prepared, online reports can be a useful online tool which can strengthen the visibility and position of your company.

Mobile applications dedicated to investor relations have already established their role and purpose and have became one of the new tools used by the modern issuers. IR apps allow the companies to remain in constant contact with their stakeholders through the usage of tailored content, push notifications and immediate access.

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