Bittnet Group launches online store for IT&C solutions, Dendrio Shop

Bittnet Group launches online store for IT&C solutions, Dendrio Shop

Bittnet Group launches online store for IT&C solutions, Dendrio Shop, and continues supporting the local SME sector through “business continuity” initiative

Bucharest, 22 April 2020 – Dendrio, an IT&C integrator, part of Bittnet Group, launches Dendrio Shop – an online platform where companies can purchase software, licenses, IT solution, and even hardware. The product offer of Dendrio Store particularly targets the SME segment, providing them with tailored solutions and a dedicated sales channel where their orders can be handled with priority. In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dendrio team has put additional effort to launch the store as soon as possible, to be able to respond to the growing demand for digitalization solutions. 

On top of this, Dendrio launches a new campaign “Business Continuity” where local SMEs can benefit from a large umbrella of free technological solutions offered by Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon in partnership with Dendrio that aim to help digitalize to ensure business continuity in the times of coronavirus outbreak.. The companies can request the free solutions at the dedicated website, at: 

The “Business Continuity” campaign is a follow-up to „Work from Home” initiative, which run between March 10th and April 10th and during which, Dendrio together with Microsoft and Cisco, offered free technological solutions and consultancy to ensure the continuity of daily business activities that targeted Romanian businesses and associations. 43 companies and organizations have benefited from this initiative, one of them being The Archdiocese of Bucharest. In the current context of prolonging emergency state, Dendrio team has decided to further elaborate the solutions put at the disposal of local SMEs in order to help them overpass the time of pandemic with as little impact on business as possible.

 “We started Dendrio Shop with a range of essential hardware, software, licenses, and services, designed especially for small businesses, which can become the basis for digital transformation and can help overcome the current challenges.  We will develop more and more products and services, carefully monitoring the needs of the market. We are already working to diversify the range of products and services that are necessary to ensure business continuity. Our engineers and product managers standardize solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Also, since our “Work from Home” initiative was well received by the local business environment, we have decided together with our partners to offer a number of solutions free of charge or with special commercial conditions, precisely to help the companies that are struggling in this current period, because of lack of necessary technological solutions” stated Cristian Herghelegiu, CEO of Dendrio.

The products and services offered in Dendrio Shop were selected particularly to meet the needs of start-ups and small and medium-sized companies from a variety of sectors, that are undergoing the process of digital transformation. Companies can thus find IT&C solutions and that can cover their needs related to increasing the productivity of the teams, ensuring cybersecurity and connectivity. On top of this, Dendrio Shop also puts at client disposal working tools, for example for graphic production, as well as a series of specialized services such as migration services, adoption services or IT assessment

Dendrio Shop clients have at their disposal a wide range of products, licenses multi-vendor packages and IT services from a variety of technology providers that can be purchased from one place. An example can be products and services offered together with Microsoft and Cisco technologies and ensure both the security and productivity of the teams. Many solutions are offered under a monthly payment, thus ensuring, especially in the current context of the coronavirus pandemic, a safe environment for working from home with a minimum monthly investment.

Dendrio Shop is available at 

About Dendrio

Dendrio represents the reunion of three companies well-known on the Romanian market: Gecad Net, Bittnet and Crescendo. Dendrio inherited the values, competencies, portfolios, and teams of some of the most well-known integrators in the IT market in Romania and further builds the integration business from the position of Secured Hybrid Multi-Cloud Integrator. Dendrio is part of Bittnet, a group of companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 2015 under BNET ticker. 

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