Bento posts operating revenue of 25.6 million lei and net profit of 6.8 million lei in the first quarter of 2024

Bento posts operating revenue of 25.6 million lei and net profit of 6.8 million lei in the first quarter of 2024

2B Intelligent Soft (Bento, Intellectually Curious, BVB: BENTO), a Romanian entrepreneurial company, specialized in the development and implementation of software solutions and the provision of IT and Cloud infrastructure services, posts operating revenue of 25.6 million lei in the first quarter of 2024, a 201% increase compared to Q1 2023 and a net profit of 6.8 million lei, a 714% appreciation compared to the same period last year.

The beginning of the year continues to be good for our operational activity in terms of revenue and profit. The financial performance in the first three months of the year is in line with our expectations, considering the significant contracts we signed in the second half of last year, which generated a large part of the revenue in the first quarter of 2024. Therefore, we currently maintain this year’s revenue and expense budget, which targets operating revenue of 78 million lei, EBITDA of 21.2 million lei, and a net profit of 15.3 million lei. We prefer to remain conservative in our estimates because this approach allows us to manage resources and focus on long-term growth opportunities efficiently,” stated Radu Scarlat, Chairman of Bento Board of Directors.

The Software Development (DEV) division contributed 39% to Q1 2024 operating revenue, while the IT, Infrastructure, and Cloud (IT) division contributed 61%. Of the total operating revenue, 95% was generated by turnover, and 5% by investments in own software products, more precisely, the development of the integrated modular software platform – Bento Platform.

The continuous investments in developing our own software products represent one of our main assets in the company’s sustainable development. Through these investments, we maintain a close relationship with existing clients and constantly expand the portfolio with new clients and projects. Therefore, the results achieved in this first quarter reflect our sustained efforts to deliver innovative services and solutions and to adapt quickly to market demands. At the same time, it demonstrates our ability to capitalize on opportunities and consolidate our position in the local IT&C market. We will continue to implement this strategy because it provides us the advantage of anticipating and promptly responding to our customers’ needs, ensuring that our products and services are always at the highest quality standards,” added Vlad Bodea, Bento co-founder and Board member.

The positive evolution of Bento continued after the end of the year’s first quarter, with the company announcing in April and May the signing of two significant contracts with a total value of approximately 12.7 million lei with two clients active in the energy sector. One of the two contracts is related to implementing, configuring, and customizing new modules within the Bento Platform. The management of Bento aims in 2024 and in the years to come to promote its own platform among existing and potential clients, to capitalize much better on the increasing demand for complex IT solutions from organizations, and the need to customize them according to the specific requirements of companies and public institutions, as well as on the increased interest in digitalization solutions in the cloud.

As of March 16, 2022, Bento is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. It is one of the few technology companies in Romania that develops its own software products. Currently, Bento has a market capitalization of approximately 171 million lei.


About Bento – Intellectually Curious

Bento, Intellectually Curious (2B Intelligent Soft SA) is a Romanian entrepreneurial company that develops software solutions and provides IT and Cloud infrastructure services. With 20 years of experience, Bento has developed and implemented complex projects with applicability in multiple industries for multinational companies in Romania, the USA, and Switzerland. The company has complementary project management, analysis, prototyping, development, testing, implementation, integration, and maintenance teams that can transform ideas, concepts, and needs into solutions adapted to the requirements of each client. Relying on the experience gained in optimizing and automating operational processes, the company has developed its own software products over the years, such as Bento Mobile Device Management, Bento Field Service Management, and Bento Smart Metering solutions. Bento is also a recognized regional partner for renowned vendors such as Microsoft, HPE, and CISCO.

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