Bento has simplified and automated the reception, storage and management of grain stocks at Comvex, the fastest grain port terminal in the country

Bento has simplified and automated the reception, storage and management of grain stocks at Comvex, the fastest grain port terminal in the country

Bento – Intellectually Curious (BVB: BENTO), a Romanian entrepreneurial company specialized in developing and implementing software solutions and delivering IT and Cloud infrastructure services, has implemented the Bento Grânar solution within Comvex, the most modern grain port terminal in the country. All the operations related to reception, storage, and management of Comvex grain stocks have been simplified and automated through this solution. The reception capacities within the company have increased to over 500-grain trucks per day.

Agriculture is a vital economic sector for Romania’s development. Bento Grânar is a product we created and developed to support Romanian agriculture. Through Bento Grânar, we innovate everything that means the management of grain storage because it is necessary for Romania’s storage capacity to increase in the near future and be in line with farmers’ current needs. Our solution digitalizes farms to optimize their costs by following all specific processes, from reception to delivery of grain in silos, and increasing the reception capacity of a company without the need for additional employees. The project implemented within Comvex started two years ago. Since then, the company has increased its reception capacity and reduced the costs of managing the operations related to reception, storage, and management of grain stocks by 20%. We thank Comvex for their trust in our team and the daily productive collaboration,” stated Vlad Bodea, co-founder of Bento.

Bento Grânar is a management product developed by the Bento team that addresses especially the owners of silos, warehouses, or grain depots with high storage capacity inland or port terminals, whose activity involves the management of contracts for quantity and quality management of stored cereals. At Comvex, Bento Grânar simplifies and automates all-grain stock reception, storage, and management operations and generates all-grain stock management legal documents, such as BCA, scale ticket, SRC, AJG, customer stock statements, products, means of transport, etc.

In time, the solution implemented by Bento has been customized according to the needs of Comvex by creating interfaces with multiple systems within Comvex. Such integration was made with the laboratory devices, Bento Grânar automatically taking over the values for the analysis of all the goods entering the silo, through which are identified the product humidity, the hectolitre mass, the percentage of foreign bodies, etc., thus minimizing the processing time of the data. Also included in the app are features such as receiving grain via barges and delivering them via ships.

The Comvex Cereal Terminal, the most modern terminal in the Black Sea area, needed a state-of-the-art customized application for client management, an application integrated with high-tech automation systems. The collaboration between Bento and Comvex began in 2019 and resulted in a customized Bento Grânar application, which significantly improved the overall operationality of the Comvex Grain Terminal, thus providing new benefits for Comvex. We thank Bento for a beneficial and reliable product,” stated Viorel Panait, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Comvex.

A multidisciplinary team of project managers, business analysts, software developers, and testers who customized Bento Grânar according to the specifications submitted by Comvex was involved in the implementation of this project. The project is currently in the post-implementation phase, consisting of maintenance activities, standard and non-standard technical support services, monitoring and prevention, and new implementations as long as Comvex needs particular development.

As of March 16, 2022, Bento is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, one of Romania’s few technology companies that develops its own software products. The products and solutions provided by Bento are used by local and international companies operating in various fields such as energy, FMCG, utilities, telecommunications, health, agriculture, IT, media, food industry, distribution, transportation, and services.


About Bento – Intellectually Curious

Bento – Intellectually Curious is a Romanian entrepreneurial company specializing in developing software solutions and delivering IT and Cloud infrastructure services. With over 17 years of experience, Bento has developed and implemented software solutions applicable in multiple industries for multinational companies in Romania, the USA, and Switzerland. The company has complementary teams of project management, analysis, prototyping, development, testing, implementation, integration, and maintenance that can transform ideas, concepts, and needs into software products tailored to the requirements of each client. Capitalizing on the experience gained in optimizing and digitizing operational processes, the company has developed its software products, such as Mobile Device Management, Field Service Management, and Smart Metering solutions, used mainly by companies active in energy and utilities. Bento is also a recognized regional partner for reputable vendors such as Microsoft, HPE, and CISCO.

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