AROBS targets an individual turnover of approximately 200 million lei and a net profit of over 47 million lei in 2022

AROBS targets an individual turnover of approximately 200 million lei and a net profit of over 47 million lei in 2022

AROBS Transilvania Software (BVB: AROBS), the largest tech company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, targets a turnover of 197.3 million lei at the individual level in 2022, an EBITDA of 54.9 million lei, and a net profit of 47.3 million lei.

AROBS is on a path of accelerated and diversified development as we aim to become the most important technology company globally, developed in Cluj. We will continue to capitalize on the global opportunities in the software development industry. Our custom software solutions and products are used by companies of all sizes in multiple industries on three continents, and we intend to continue to grow in all the markets in which we operate. In 2021 we continued our growth, and we even recorded a net profit at the individual level 12% higher than estimated. For 2022, we aim for a 17% higher turnover at the individual level compared to last year and an appreciation of the net profit by approximately 10%. These forecasts are based on the organic development of the business, the research and innovation of our products and services, and the consolidation in the markets where we are present. Moreover, in 2022, we intend to continue the implementation of the strategic M&A direction that will positively impact the consolidated results. In April this year, we have already signed a first transaction through which we took over the team and the Software Development Services business from Enea, a company from Sweden. It was the most significant acquisition in the history of AROBS. Therefore, we have new growth opportunities for the software services business line with this acquisition, especially due to accessing interesting industries such as medical, maritime, and embedded services,” stated Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

To meet the individual revenue and expense budget for 2022, AROBS estimates that this year the demand for software services and products will continue to grow, both in existing expertise such as automotive-embedded vehicles, including electric cars, but also travel technology, IoT, life sciences, fintech, enterprise solutions, and also in new industries and specializations, such as cybersecurity, embedded devices, etc.

Through the acquisition of Berg Software Timișoara announced at the end of 2021, the AROBS group has gained more substantial exposure in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and in 2022 aims to expand the number of clients and projects in these countries. Moreover, with the takeover of Software Development Services, AROBS strengthened its software services division by integrating approximately 160 new colleagues located in Bucharest, Iași, Craiova, and the United States. At the same time, through this acquisition, the company is consolidating and expanding its client’s portfolio in Europe and North America.

“We are looking closely at the ongoing geopolitical situation in our region. Hoping that the current circumstances will rapidly improve, we want to assure AROBS investors and shareholders that we will remain focused on the development plans for this year and beyond,” added Voicu Oprean.

AROBS’s development strategy follows four directions. One of these directions is the concentric diversification based on research and innovation through research projects in IoT, transportation, telematics, automotive, and business optimization. The launch of new innovative products and disruptive versions of its own products is another branch of development in this direction. The company aims to improve its existing product portfolio by adding new functions and testing the updated products in Romania before launching them in the regional markets and beyond.

The second direction of action focuses on developing new areas of expertise with high demand in the global software services market simultaneously with the continuous transfer of in-house knowledge to future generations of programmers and hardware specialists.

The third direction of action is built around horizontal integration by acquiring existing players operating in the same industry, with a solid EBITDA and easy to integrate. This strategy also includes expansion activities in Europe through the development of newly opened subsidiaries and expansion in North America and Asia.

The fourth direction of action is the motivation and retention of employees by increasing the professional development opportunities and implementing the Stock Option Plan, launched at the end of last year. AROBS aims to transform employees into company partners and active investors on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the medium term through this program.

AROBS was listed on the AeRO market on December 6, 2021. Since its debut until April 29, 2022, more than 91 million AROBS shares have been traded in approximately 19,500 transactions, having a value of over 101 million lei, making AROBS the most traded stock on the AeRO market. The company’s liquidity since listing and until the mentioned date exceeded the performance of some companies included in the BET index, the main index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which consists of the most liquid listed companies on the Main Market.


About AROBS Transilvania Software

AROBS Transilvania Software is the largest tech company in Romania listed on the Bucharest Stock Market. AROBS provides software services and solutions in various industries, with about 70 partners of the Software Services business line located in Europe and America, and more than 10.000 customers of the Software Products business lines, from Europe and Asia. AROBS is present in 10 locations in Romania and seven abroad, and 950+ AROBS specialists build solutions for the future in the Automotive, Embedded, Clinical trials, Travel, IoT, Fintech, and Enterprise solutions.

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