2Performant surpasses 10 million sales intermediated by its platform

2Performant surpasses 10 million sales intermediated by its platform

2Performant (BVB: 2P), a technology company and the leader of the affiliate marketing market in Romania, announces that its platform has surpassed 10 million intermediated sales since its launch in 2008. Since the beginning of 2023, 2Performant has intermediated 1.1 million online store sales, the fourth consecutive year the platform has reached the 1 million intermediated sales threshold in a calendar year.

We are pleased to have reached this important milestone of results generated through the 2Performant platform. Our company started in 2008 with the idea of changing the marketing paradigm through technology and gamification. We succeeded in simplifying and automating marketing collaborations and provided our users with competitions and challenges that motivated them. In doing so, we generated a high degree of engagement from them and achieved much-improved results compared to the traditional model present in the industry. We are already focused on the next goals that we will achieve even sooner than we anticipated and remain committed to investing in the 2Performant platform, being aware of the enormous potential and significant opportunities in affiliate marketing globally. I thank all 2Performant colleagues, users, and investors whose trust and support over the years have contributed to this remarkable achievement,” stated Dorin Boerescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of 2Performant.

Marketing gamification is one of 2Performant’s differentiators, with the company running numerous user competitions over the years, including Open World and the National Marketing League. In 2022, 2Performant launched the largest project of its kind in the company’s history, the Business League, the world’s first decentralized marketing competition, where the main criterion is the number of sales generated. In the 16-week pilot season of the competition, participating affiliates and stores generated 29.4 million clicks and over 715,000 online sales.

In its 14 years of activity, 2Performant has intermediated 10 million sales with a total value of 463 million euros through 626 million clicks sent to online stores, generating affiliates commissions of 30.4 million euros.

2Perfomant is listed on the AeRO market as of December 9, 2020, and as of October 2021, 2P shares are included in the BET-AeRO index developed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


About 2Performant

2Performant Network SA is the Romanian technology company that develops, operates, and monetizes the 2Performant.com collaborative marketing platform through which online stores collaborate with the best online advertising and traffic sources through a Cost Per Sale model.

With a unique global vision on the gamification of marketing collaborations based on performance and transparency, 2Performant has intermediated over 10 million online sales worth 463 million euros in 14 years of activity, through more than 626 million clicks, for several thousand online stores in Romania and in the region, from over 30 industries.

According to the company’s data, 2Performant is the largest local traffic source for online stores in Romania, bringing over 8 million monthly clicks for the portfolio clients.

2Performant Network SA is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange as of 2020 under the symbol 2P – the first public technology company in Romania.

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