2Performant posts a 49% increase in turnover in the first half of 2022 and profit in the second quarter of the year

2Performant posts a 49% increase in turnover in the first half of 2022 and profit in the second quarter of the year

2Performant (BVB: 2P), a technology company and the leader of the affiliate marketing market in Romania, posts a turnover of 16 million lei in the first half of the year, up 49% compared to the same period of last year. In the first six months of 2022, the 2Performant business grew at a faster rate than the entire e-commerce market in Romania.

2022 is shaping up to be a very good year for 2Performant, one in which we have adapted exceptionally well to the changing landscape and accelerated growth and shift to profit. Thus, we are maintaining our budget announced at the beginning of the year, where we mentioned that we will be profitable already this year instead of 2023. We already became profitable in the second quarter, and the recorded growth is above the planned budget and well above the evolution of the industries in which we are active. In the first six months, we have already exceeded 42 million euros in terms of sales generated for our clients, which has increased our belief that during 2022 we will exceed the threshold of 100 million euros for the first time, which confirms our position as one of the leading sales generators for online commerce in Romania. These results are again based on our colleagues’ sustained effort, who have delivered multiple projects this quarter. I want to thank them for the remarkable agility they have adapted since the beginning of the year to the frequent changes in the political and economic context,” stated Dorin Boerescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of 2Performant.

2Performant Network’s operating income increased by 56% in the first half of 2022 compared to H1 2021, reaching 17.9 million lei, thanks to a solid and profitable Q2 2022. The increase was determined by the 49% increase in turnover, which reached 16 million lei in the first six months of 2022.

In terms of turnover, affiliate marketing contributed almost entirely to this figure, growing by 49% and reaching 16 million lei amid a 62% increase in unique users within the platform. The influencer product decreased by 20% in H1 2022, reaching 66k lei, following the company’s decision to no longer focus on this product. Operating income, turnover excluding affiliate commissions, increased by 34%, reaching 4 million lei in H1 2022 compared to 3 million lei in H1 2021. Compared to 2021 and the usual seasonality, in Q2 2022, 2Performant recorded a profit of 152k lei.

There are signs that the e-commerce market is losing the traction gained during the pandemic. Still, in this context, we see how our gamification marketing collaboration concept delivers superior returns to our affiliates and advertisers. So, during the first half of the year, we continued our series of competitions – such as MarketRing (held between 4 April and 29 May) in the Beauty, Fashion, Home&Garden, IT&C, and Kids’ products categories – which have achieved very good sales results. We also ran the Book’n’Roll competition between 6 June and 3 July, resulting in over 900k clicks and over 20k sales in less than a month. We have expanded and continue to invest in the business intelligence team, which provides the operational team with up-to-date information for quick business decisions, being the one that provided the basis for all the competitions organized so far and offers a wealth of statistics for the most active 2P users,” added Dorin Boerescu.

This year represents a period of continuous investment in the 2Performant platform, with significant progress in the development of the new attribution system – Big Bear, for which the company launched self-service installation implementation and accelerated its adoption among large clients, such as Elefant, Answer, Dr.Max, EvoMag, Decathlon, BestValue, Deputat, DyFashion, Cărturești, and NeaKaisa. Big Bear began to contribute more and more to 2Performant’s revenue and turnover.

On the affiliate side, the collaborations the company has with banking partners continue to generate very good sales for stores active in 2P, such as ING Bazar, Revolut, BCR Dateio, as well as collaborations with cashbacks (Bonusway, Cashclub), price comparison sites, coupon sites (Cuponeria.ro, Kuplio, Picodi, etc.), Google CSS premium partners (Tidy Shopping, Glew Solutions, Kelkoo, etc.), commercial content generators, product aggregators or traditional publishers.

At the level of user-generated results, in H1 2022, 2Performant recorded 19,300 unique users within its own platform, a significant increase of 62% compared to the same period last year. The 19,300 users sent 39.2 million clicks to 2Performant’s online stores, resulting in a total of almost 801k online sales, with a value of 42 million euros, excluding VAT, which generated commissions of 2.6 million euros, up 44% compared to the first semester of 2021. The company updates these results daily on the 2Peformant website at https://2performant.com/ statistics/, where trends in online buying behavior are displayed both at the network level and broken down by major industries.

The first half of 2022 exceeded the company’s initial expectations, but due to economic uncertainties and the war in Ukraine, 2Performant’s management maintains a cautiously optimistic attitude regarding the development of the business this year. Thus, the company keeps its estimates from the beginning of the year and targets a turnover of 34.9 million lei, a 35% increase compared to 2021.


About 2Performant

2Performant is a Romanian technology company that develops, operates, and monetizes 2Performant.com – an integrated affiliate marketing and influencer marketing platform. Through this platform, businesses can call on partners, affiliates, and influencers, with whom they can work through the 2 collaboration models currently available: affiliate marketing and influencer marketing.

2Performant is a company listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol 2P. According to the company’s data, 2Performant is the largest local traffic source for online stores in Romania, bringing approximately 6.2 million monthly clicks for the portfolio clients. With 12 years of activity, the company is the one that launched the first affiliate marketing network in Romania under the name 2Parale.ro. In 2011, the entry into the Bulgarian market followed. In 2016 the platform and operations migrated to 2Performant.com, a new technical solution and mode of operation emphasizing self-service and prepay as a payment solution. The company has invested over 1 million euros in technology to increase performance, streamline processes, launch an influencer marketing platform, and facilitate and improve the user experience (UX & UI).

With a unique vision of the gamification of marketing collaborations based on performance and transparency, 2Performant intermediated more than 7.7 million online sales worth 348 million euros, through more than 537 million clicks, for several thousand online stores from Romania and the region, from over 30 industries.

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