2Performant launches Pay for Performance, the only cost-per-order Google Ads advertising solution in Romania

2Performant launches Pay for Performance, the only cost-per-order Google Ads advertising solution in Romania

2Performant (BVB: 2P), a technology company and the leader of the affiliate marketing market in Romania, launches Pay for Performance (P4P), the only service in the local eCommerce market through which online stores can outsource their Google Ads promotion to specialists in the 2Performant ecosystem, without having to assume the promotion budget of those campaigns. In this way, the 2Performant affiliates in charge of campaign strategy and implementation assume the initial investment, while the online shops only pay for the sales generated by those ads.

All recent technological developments are converging towards a common ground, the performance. Considering the field in which we operate, performance marketing is a core element for us, and we strive to perfect it. Pay for Performance is one of these mechanisms, giving you control over your marketing costs and guaranteeing that you only pay for real results, not services that haven’t generated sales. In this way, there is no financial risk for businesses. P4P is the only solution of its kind in Romania and is designed for all online shops that are prepared to sell on a cost-per-order basis – i.e., they have competitive prices, but also the logistics and inventories to team up with a specialist from the 2Performant affiliate list. This way, they can increase their sales, paying only a percentage of the value of the orders generated,” stated Constantin Stanciu, Director of Operations of 2Performant.

Nowadays, more than 60% of the online marketing budgets invested by advertisers nationwide are directed to the Google Ads channel, according to IAB Romania’s data. Through Pay for Performance, online shops will work with specialists who assume the entire advertising budget, the investment being made by them, not by the owners of the businesses they promote.

Until now, marketers had to be paid without taking any risk on the investment they managed for their clients. P4P completely changes this paradigm. Beyond the fact that sales attribution and marketing payments are made automatically through the 2Performant platform, and the payment model is on confirmed sale, 2Performant partners also assume the risk of the invested budget. Thus, online shops are relieved of the constant pressure of promotion because the relationship with the marketing specialist turns into a partnership where all parties have the same objectives, take risks, and share the profit generated together,” added Dorin Boerescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of 2Performant.

The Pay for Performance service is available as of March 21, 2023, for online shops in Romania, including those already enrolled in the 2Performant platform. Signing up to P4P also offers a full audit of the promotional opportunities by the project’s performance marketing specialists. This assessment helps advertisers to set achievable targets and an optimal cost per order for their business. More details about the Pay for Performance service are available here.

With more than 14 years of experience in increasing sales through affiliate marketing and a tangible contribution to the development of the best performance marketing specialists in Romania, the 2Performant platform enables the monitoring of affiliate-generated sales and other eCommerce-specific performance indicators through a proprietary, in-house, developed traffic tracking and sales attribution system. 2Performant relies on state-of-the-art technology in this new project, which also enables tracking results, from campaigns set and optimized by Pay for Performance affiliates to the online store’s order management and processing system.

In 2022, the 2Performant platform generated sales worth 101.9 million euros (without VAT), a 39% increase compared to 2021, surpassing the 100 million euros threshold in sales generated in a single year. During this period, the 24,148 users of the 2Performant platform sent 85.9 million clicks, a 25% increase compared to 2021. The number of sales in 2022 amounted to approximately 2 million, a 40% increase compared to 2021, while affiliate commissions were 6.2 million euros, a 34% appreciation.

Currently, the 2Performant ecosystem includes more than 500 online stores that receive traffic of more than 8 million clicks per month, generating more than 200,000 sales each month – all paid for at cost per sale. Real-time statistics for the 2Performant platform are available here.

2Perfomant is listed on the AeRO market starting as of December 9, 2020, and as of October 2021, 2P shares are included in the BET-AeRO index developed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange for this market.


About 2Performant

2Performant Network SA is the Romanian technology company that develops, operates, and monetizes the 2Performant.com collaborative marketing platform through which online stores collaborate with the best online advertising and traffic sources through a Cost Per Sale model.

With a unique global vision on the gamification of marketing collaborations based on performance and transparency, 2Performant has brokered over 9 million online sales worth 433 million euros in 14 years of activity, through more than 603 million clicks, for several thousand online stores in Romania and in the region, from over 30 industries.

According to the company’s data, 2Performant is the largest local traffic source for online stores in Romania, bringing over 8 million monthly clicks for the portfolio clients.

2Performant Network SA is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange as of 2020 under the symbol 2P – the first public technology company in Romania.

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