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(ˈkɔr nərˌstoʊn), noun

The first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to it, thus determining the position of the entire structure.

We are a communications agency based in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in public relations (PR), investor relations (IR) and capital markets advisory. We are a boutique firm, working primarily with Romanian SMEs from a variety of sectors and advising local entrepreneurs how to maximise the opportunities in the capital markets. 

Established in January 2018, our firm boasts a diverse array of Clients. We provide the highest quality integrated communications and advisory services to companies that are already listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s Main and AeRO Markets as well as to entrepreneurial businesses that want to increase their profile on the local market. Having worked with a number of local and international investment funds and financial institutions, we are also specialized in high-impact financial communication.

We believe that good communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. At Cornerstone, we do not improve only the image, but most importantly, we lay down conditions to improve the valuation of our Clients’ businesses through strategic communications and top-class IR. 

Why communicate with Cornerstone?

Working and engaging with the right media shapes stakeholder’s opinions and, in the long run, raises the profile of your business. Any company has objectives and goals that can be supported through skilled communication – be it growing position on the local market, gaining recognition from stakeholders, attracting capital or even improving the valuation in case of companies that are listed or intend to list on the stock exchange.

At Cornerstone, we have the abilities to support companies reaching these goals, through tailor-made public relations and investor relations. 

What Sets Cornerstone Apart

We are the only firm in Romania that understands the complexity of capital  markets and have the largest portfolio of clients listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We have developed successful communication strategies and strengthened the reputation in the media and among key stakeholders, including institutional and retail investors, of over a dozen of companies. But we are more than just a communications company. We blend our legal, financial and communications knowledge to help you navigate through the Romanian capital market. We make sure you reap all the benefits that come with being a public company.

Array of services

We are fully equipped to support companies in any of the following situations: willing to improve their communication with the market for the long-term benefit of increased valuation, intending to raise funds through either equity or debt instruments, looking for investment opportunities, entering new markets or participating in M&A transactions, eyeing new product or services development. We assist companies in pre-IPO, IPO and Private Placement of both equities and bonds, ensuring that the communication with the market is beneficial for the company’s valuation.


We build connections between companies and investors such as individual and institutional investors, brokerage houses, data providers, local media as well as opinion makers.


Our services are based on profound knowledge and understanding of the Romanian capital market environment. We blend experience and expertise with an understanding of the local market and its realities, offering an objective view on both its advantages as well as challenges.


All our services are by default offered bilingually, in English and Romanian language.

Your Team

Zuzanna Kurek


Former Business Development & Marketing Director at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, entrusted with projects intended to promote Romanian capital markets to entrepreneurs as well as improving corporate governance and IR standards within listed companies. As the founder of Cornerstone Communications, Zuzanna oversees the collaboration with all of the clients. Passionate about capital markets, Zuzanna’s in charge of all IR activity of Cornerstone clients and capital raising advisory.

Andreea Tănase

Head of Operations

Andreea has been with Cornerstone Communications since the beginning and helped launch the company. Since then, she has been focused on delivering special projects to clients, which include: organization of events (both small scale and large scale), social media management, overlooking the design and development phase of new websites, applications or other types of online portals, as well as has been responsible for establishing and managing relations with external parties (business associations, events organizers, journalists, entrepreneurs) in order to build visibility for clients.


Timea Bereczki

Corporate Communications Manager

Former reporter, news presenter, show host and TV producer with experience in collaboration with key television channels in Romania – ProTV, DIGI24, TVR and Realitatea.

Cristian Prevenda

Public Relations Manager

Communications professional with 10+ years of experience. Specialized in corporate communications and public relations. Cristian helps entrepreneurial companies communicate effectively with their stakeholders. Cristian oversees the PR activities of all of Cornerstone’s clients.

Horia Rădulescu

Capital Markets Legal Counsel

A lawyer with four years of experience in top Romanian law firms, Horia provides legal assistance to entrepreneurial companies in matters related to the capital markets, M&A, as well as corporate and commercial law. He is a member of the Bucharest Bar and a passionate stock market investor.

Our Services

We provide services, but we also invent new ones. Being a boutique firm, we are flexible in terms of our offering and we always strive to build long-lasting relationships with all our Clients.

Our services include investor relations, capital markets, finance, communications, corporate governance, and communications advisory.  We are also an Authorised Advisor, able to list entrepreneurial companies on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Key Products

Cornerstone Insights

Safetech Innovations closed successfully the share capital increase operation by raising 10.6 million lei from investors

Bucharest, 19 January 2022 – Safetech Innovations (BVB: SAFE), a Romanian cybersecurity company listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, announces the conclusion of the share capital increase operation and the raising 10.6 million lei from investors. The raised capital will expand the company’s business by setting up two new subsidiaries in the […]


Entrepreneur Dragos Rosca joins Bento shareholding before the company’s debut on the AeRO market

Bucharest, 19 January 2022: Bento – Intellectually Curious (BVB: BENTO), a Romanian entrepreneurial company specializing in developing and implementing software solutions and delivering IT and Cloud infrastructure services, announces the entry into the company’s shareholding of the Romanian entrepreneur, Dragos Rosca, through his acquisition of a 2.4% stake in the company. Bento, which at the […]


Holde Agri Invest acquires a new farm in Teleorman County

Bucharest, 11 January 2022 – Holde Agri Invest SA, a Romanian company operating farmland, announces the acquisition of a new farm in Teleorman county, near Rosiori farm. The farm covers an area of approximately 440 ha of hectares of land. The value of the transaction amounts to about 1.4 million lei. “We are pleased to begin the […]


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If you are interested in meeting us or receiving an offer for delivering services, e-mail us at: or reach us at +40 31 860 21 01. 

Our offices: 169A Calea Floreasca, Building A, 4th Floor, District 1, Bucharest, 014459.

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